Going shopping can be so much fun. For those people who like to go shopping it can be therapeutic even and can relieve stress. When it comes to shopping for or with kids it might not be as you expected. It might be a good idea to leave the kids at home but there are times when you just need to get the perfect size of those Stylish Kids Loafers and taking the little one with you to try it on in the store is the best way to go. Going shopping with kids comes with its challenges. From the kids getting tired easily, to them running around or running loose in the store, you have to tend to their needs, keep an eye on them, and still focus on shopping at the same time. So to make the most out of shopping with kids, it pays to plan ahead, make contingencies, and tweak your normal shopping routine to better accommodate the little ones. Below we talk about some shopping strategies that you can implement.

Bring a Stroller

This applies to a lot of outdoor activities with kids but it’s also very important when you are going shopping with a toddler. If you’re going to a mall, a strip mall, or a shopping avenue, bring the stroller even though you think you might not need it. Unless you just want to make one stop that you are sure won’t last long. Like we mentioned above, the toddlers' feet will tire easily from walking around, or even standing. Also, the stroller gives you space to stash some of your purchases. You might not need the stroller right away but somewhere during your shopping trip, have the toddler climb on.


If you choose to take your toddler shopping at the time when they are supposed to be napping, be ready for a fussy and irritable child. Choose a time to go shopping together when you’re sure your child will be their most calm self. Make sure they are well fed and hydrated beforehand and also take food, snacks, and water with you during the shopping trip. Kids get cranky when they are hungry (don’t we all?) and this would likely lead to extra naughtiness. Also, speaking of timing, plan your shopping trip at a time of day when you know they stores won’t be crowded. Check the store times to see when they are most busy because navigating through a jam-packed store with one or more toddler could be a pain. Also, the long check out lines could get your toddler feeling pretty impatient.

Plan Short Trips

If you have to take your toddler shopping, then make the trip as short as possible. For example, if you need to take them shopping because you want them to try things on in the store, then that trip to shop just for them. Don’t extend it into going shopping for yourself, or going to buy household items. You can make a quick stop at the grocery store but don’t over-extend it. It also helps to go prepared. Make a list of all the items you need and what stores you want to visit and this will save you time. In the same vein, do not take your kids shopping when you are in a hurry as they will slow you down. When shopping with your kids make sure you have enough time to spare on your trip for the sake of your sanity. If there’s a big sale coming up, try to avoid taking your kids along. Crowds and chaos may not deter a bargain-hunter like yourself, but bringing your toddler places with a lot of fuss may be too frantic. Plus, strollers are harder to maneuver when stores are clogged with shoppers and littered with clearance merchandise. So save the mega-sales like Black Friday for a solo shopping day. For the love of goodness, do not bring a kid with you on black Friday!

Make it Fun Experience

SHopping with your kids can be a fun and learning experience if you are innovative enough. You can get them involved by asking them to pick out colors, choose where to go next, and even name things they see in the store like playing the “I spy” game. If your kids are a bit older, you can have them do some math with the prices of items like calculating the tax or looking for discount coupons. For example, you can choose two pieces of the same item that cost different amounts and have them calculate the percentage difference or just simply the difference (depending on what grade they are in).

Reward Good Behavior

Depending on the system you have for rewarding your kids for doing things, you can add good behavior during shopping trips as something to get a reward for. You could give them a sticker, or a cookie as a reward. You could also make the pre-shopping or post-shopping activity something they can look forward to as a reward. Like taking them for ice cream after shopping or letting them watch TV or play their video game for longer.

Team Up

When you are going shopping with the kids, it helps if you have another adult there with you to help manage the chaos. This could be your partner, another parent, or even the babysitter. You can even make it a social event just like going to the park together. It’s also a great way to find some fun while in the mall. Most malls have play areas for kids where your kids can have 10 to 15 minutes of play time. You could also stop by the bookstore for some story time. Also, some children’s clothing search through. If you're not going to buy anything for your kid, make it clear before you stop by the children's section or the toy section. But you might eventually give in to those puppy dog eyes when they want something.

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